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Visual artists, fiber artists, musicians, singer/songwriters, storytellers, community theatre, dancers, poets, writers, businessmen and women, military, families, retirees, and students.  But most of all...  Lovers of our community and of all things beautiful. ​That's who we are.
  1. backtobasicsfolkschool,  culinary arts,  artisan bread
    Johnna Stewart
    Johnna is the owner of Back to Basics Culinary Arts. Johnna's mission is to create a community of learning that will offer students an enriching experience by providing opportunities to develop new skills utilizing wholesome foods and traditional methods. Visit Johnna's website and sign up for classes in 2017!
  2. Christine Yates
    Christine Yates of CYATESART is a self-taught artist who practices the art of creativity on a daily basis. Chris loves to paint and her need to create leads her in many directions. She offers painting classes out of her Munford studio. Connect with Christine via Facebook and schedule a paint party for you and your friends.
  3. Cindy Scott
    Cindy Scott of C. Scott Creations is a medical illustrator and fine artist. Cindy has exhibited her work throughout the local area. Her attention to detail and texture make her original paintings literally stand out. Cindy paints in all mediums, but prefers acrylics. Check out her Facebook page to check out her latest art.
  1. Nealie Dean
    Nealie is employed by E.A. Harrold Elementary School as the Elementary Music teacher and she previously provided private voice lessons. She currently serves as the Vice President of the Millington Arts Council.
  2. Steve & Regina Lambert
    Steve's skills include woodworking and metal work. Regina has varied interests. She has a love for fiber arts, stained glass and furniture design. Together Steve & Regina salvage old items and repurpose them into functional furniture, home design, and accessories.
  3. Valerie Shavers
    Valerie expresses her individualism through through various media. Valerie has worked in paintings, sculpture, installations, book making, and printmaking. Valerie has a BFA and MAT from Christian Brothers University. She currently works as a Visual Arts Specialist at Millington Middle School.
  1. Stephanie Abby
    Stephanie grew up in the Millington area. She attended the University of Southern Missisippi where she received her Masters of Fine Arts. Stephanie is the Special Events Director for the Millington Arts Council. We are happy to have her on our board and part of our team!
  2. Georgia Dawson
    Georgia is the Deputy superintendent of Millington Municipal Schools. Georgia is a lover of the arts and recently accompanied the MCHS Show Choir to Carnegie Hall. She has been a strong advocate for ensuring Millington students have opportunities to showcase their talents in our community. We are proud to welcome Georgia to the MAC!
  3. Ray & Laura Rosas
    Ray & Laura grew up in the Millington community. Laura has been engaged in Millington civc activities throughout her life. Ray, a graduate of MCHS, continues to support MCHS Athletics programs. Together they support many educational and charitable activities in Memphis and we are proud to call them MAC Members.
  1. Lori Campbell
    Lori is the Visual Arts Specialist at E.A. Harrold Elementary school. Lori shares her love of the arts and culture of traveled countries with her students and children in the local community. She has taught several classes for the MAC in the past couple of years and served on our Board of Directors.
  2. Kristi Duckworth
    Kristi moved to Memphis over 32 years ago from Little Rock. A graduate of Memphis State University, Kristi has received several public art commissions in Memphis and also operated Garden Path Studio for 8 years. She recently moved to the Shakerag, TN community. This move has allowed her to enjoy the natural world that inspires her art and teaching.
  3. Tania & Ray Ward
    Mike and Tania Ward. Married for almost 18 yrs, have 5 children. Mike is a pharmacist for Walgreens, Tania has a nursing license and is a former fitness instructor.

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